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Remote IT Support Services

With our remote IT support for small business, your company will always stay one step ahead of the game. You'll get unlimited tech assistance for all users and an environment free from malfunctions or problems!

Benefits of Remote IT Service

Many technology issues today can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively by taking advantage of the power of remote IT Support.

24x7 Access

We monitor your key systems at all times, should issues such as a system error, low disk space, hardware health warning occur, we're able to notify you and take appropriate action accordingly.

Help Desk Expertise

Let us help you grow your business! Our skilled IT professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Making Technology work for you is our Priority.

No Hidden Cost

You will benefit from reduced support costs, eliminating the requirement for in-person visits for each small issue that arises. Having an agreement in place ensures that you are aware of the expense of your remote IT Support regardless of how much time you use it.

Maintained & Secure IT

Maintaining your IT is challenging and time-consuming. We'll schedule and install software patches, security updates and perform service maintenance with no disruption to your work.

Fast Response & Resolution

When something goes wrong, you need a solution fast. By fixing your IT issues remotely, your needs can be met much faster, often we start to fix problems straight away. We understand that minimising disruption is critical. Customer service is our focus.

Truly Unlimited

We are available to you around the clock, simply unlimited Package for your end-users. We’re there for you whenever and as often as you need us.

Managed IT services for Small Business

Our bespoke remote IT service package is specially made for small and medium-sized enterprises. With PC Buddy, you don’t have to wait in vain anymore. Whenever any issue occurs, we provide you with the same convenience of an in-house IT department at an economical cost!

Remote IT Support

PC Buddy is on standby from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, to provide remote, telephone, email, Whatsapp, and Teams Chat Support to assist our customers with any issues they might have.

Encrypted Cloud Backup

PC Buddy provides a dependable, daily encrypted backup service to a remote, highly secure server. This is essential for businesses, to guarantee that their data - hosted on servers, Microsoft 365 SharePoint, and OneDrive - remain shielded from malicious corruption and cyberattacks.


As an addition to our package, we offer access to advanced professional ESET antivirus, Keeper Password manager & identity theft protection.

IT Audit

PC Buddy undertakes an assessment of the regulatory guidelines in a business's IT structure to determine if their processes will deliver optimal security.

Out-of-Hours Support

Despite not being able to guarantee an immediate response to critical issues beyond our regular help desk hours, we are committed to providing assistance and finding a resolution as soon as possible.

Phone & Tablet Support

Our extensive support package is the best in the market, with the provision of cover for both smartphones and tablets included as standard.

Printer & Network devices

PC Buddy assists businesses with the installation and upkeep of their printers, Wi-Fi routers, network switches - from the very beginning setup to resolving any technical difficulties that may appear.

Postal Service

Customers can conveniently post their defective devices to us for repair, such as swapping out laptop screens, increasing hard drive storage, and more.

IT Procurement

At PC Buddy, we are committed to helping our customers discover the best bargains when it comes to buying hardware and software for their business. In addition, we provide custom-built computers and professionally-refurbished laptops for sale.

Web Hosting & Digital Presence

We offer UK-based hosting for customers, equipping you with reliable website space and giving you a solid online presence.

Microsoft 365

PC Buddy is dedicated to providing you with complete management and setup of your Office 365 subscription, from setting up Sharepoint libraries with tailored permissions to enhancing Team sharing, protecting your mailboxes and domains from spam and impersonation, to archiving data - and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote IT support?

Remote IT support is a combination of assistance given over the internet or phone. In a nutshell, a business's IT hardware is handled from afar by their IT service company, while issues are also taken care of from a distance. The software used for remote service is known as Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software and makes it possible for your IT firm to gain access to whatever they require from their computers in their offices. This grants two major services.

How do you provide Remote technical assistance?

We utilize Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software to supply remote technical support. With this powerful program, IT engineers can remotely access computers, laptops, or servers from our offices. Therefore permitting them to resolve any problems without having to go to the machine physically. With just a few clicks, they can gain access to and use another device to tackle the issue. Additionally, for tablets and phones, we utilize additional remote assistance software which enables us to either view the client's screen or gain full control of Android devices.
We blend remote technical support with a ticketing system, maintaining the user and business apprised of the progress and resolution. This ticketing system also allows us to monitor the issues you might encounter, permitting us to spot any patterns and introduce long-term solutions that prevent similar issues in the future.

Does a small business need remote IT support?

Remote IT support is an integral element for any small business, reducing downtime and optimising operations to improve the overall efficiency of the business. It is an effective cost solution to make sure that a small business can attain the right IT provisions to reach their full potential.
In addition to the convenience, remote IT support offers the advantage of data-driven monitoring and maintenance to further reduce downtime and other inefficiencies, making it an essential tool for small businesses today!
If you require any more information about our remote support service, you can contact us at anytime.

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remote IT support is a fantastic solution for small businesses as it is an economical way to ensure a business runs efficiently, save time and give assurance that any IT-related matters will be handled in an effective manner.